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Energy Star | Pool Pump Rebates

Save Money! Save the Environment!

  • Did you know that your pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy user, adding about $500 every year to your energy bills?
  • A pool pump that has earned the Energy Star:
  1. Uses up to 70% less energy than standard pool pumps.
  2. Saves you up to $350 per year in energy bills, and even more with a rebate (that's thousands of dollars over the life of the pump!)
  3. Delivers payback on your extra investment in less than two years.

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What Type of Pool Pumps Quality?

  • Energy efficiently mostly comes from using different speeds to perform different pump functions. So Single Speed pool pumps do not qualify, however most 2-Speed and Variable speed models do. Because:
  1. Two-speed models use a low speed for filtration and a high speed for cleaning.
  2. Variable speed models can be programmed to deliver the right flow for multiple tasks.

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