** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** Due to a USA Federal Regulation change we can NO LONGER SELL many pumps ** PLEASE CALL US to place a custom order**


EasyFit | Series Description Sheets

The EasyFit pump comes in 5 series: 

  • Existing Pump Replacement Series (SUP, PNT, MXG, DYN)
    Four of these series are created with specific fittings to "pop and swap" out popular existing pump models from Pentair, Sta-Rite and Hayward. 
  • Universal Replacement Pump Series (SPK)
    The last of the series, the SPK Series, is our Universal Replacement Pump system which has multiple variations of fittings and risers, so you can make it work as a replacement for any pump!

Please click the link to the see the PDF summary of models and specs for each of the series models available:

EasyFit | Series One-Sheet Summary

EasyFit | Product Manuals and Specs

  • EasyFit Warranty
    Speck offers a limited 2-year warranty on all pumps. Please see the official details of the warranty posted in the EasyFit Product Manual (link above). The warranty information is in Section 4, Page 7.