** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** Due to a USA Federal Regulation change we can NO LONGER SELL many pumps ** PLEASE CALL US to place a custom order**

EasyFit | Pump Benefits

  • Easy "Pop and Swap" Replacement of most common
    Pentair, Hayward, and Sta-Rite pumps

  • No Re-Plumbing!

  • No Re-Wiring!

  • High Performance (German Engineered) Durable Pump

  • Best In Class Price, Warranty and Customer Service

Replace your Hayward Pump with EasyFit

  1. Below are all our Hayward pump replacement models

  2. Select Residential (1 phase) or Commercial (3 phase) use

  3. Select Total HP you'd prefer

  4. Select Voltage you need

  5. Select Standard or Premium Efficiency
    Don't have Hayward? See our Sta-Rite or Pentair replacements


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0.94 THP
EasyFit-I SUP | 1 Phase | Standard Efficiency-EasyFit-I-Speck Pumps-0.94-115-Single-EasyFitPumps
0.98 THP
EasyFit-I SUP | 1 Phase | Premium Efficiency-EasyFit-I-Speck Pumps-0.98-115-Single-EasyFitPumps
0.80 THP
EasyFit-I SUP | 3 Phase | Standard Efficiency-EasyFit-I-Speck Pumps-0.80-208-230-Single-EasyFitPumps